Proprietary Tech and Approach

Traffic By Intent has developed proprietary software and methodologies to deploy intent-based search creative at virtually unlimited scale.


This, along with enhanced keyword and structure strategies, allows our partners to enter the user search journey at the right time with the right message.

Working with TXI

For In-House Teams

We'll make sure your creative is relevant to your audience and the search engine's algorithm. We deploy high-quality, responsive creative in today's Dynamic marketplace for online traffic. We're the experts in communicating with Google's and Bing’s algorithms and can help amplify your team's efforts.

For Agencies

Increase client spend while maintaining or even improving margins (ROAS & CPA targets). We'll help you scale your clients' online business, and in doing so yours as well.

Full-Service SEM

Lost headcount? Looking to replace your current Agency? We have a special dedicated team of experts who provide full SEM services, as well as several Agency partners we'd be happy to refer you to. We do everything from optimizing your campaign structures, keyword discovery, bid & budget management, and virtually limitless creative deployment.

Getting started

We work in your existing structure, amplifying the impact of your paid search program regardless of taxonomy.

We can deploy quickly and at virtually limitless scale

We work with you ONLY IF our Assessment of the opportunity for performance improvements shows a strong business strong business case with positive ROI.

Proprietary Tech

Best-in-class automation  that reaches deeper into the online marketplace for more of the best performing, highest-intent traffic online.


  • Virtually limitless deployments: injections, pausings, removals
  • Google’s own open-source AI & NLP to understand search intent relationships between audiences and offerings (LPs)
  • Deploy all missing Keywords & Ads needed to cover the audiences that perform within a company’s KPIs. Put differently: covering your entire target “market opportunity.”

Proprietary Method

We welcome you to bring your best & brightest Google Ads experts and ask them to challenge us. We believe we can prove that

  1. A sea change has taken place in Google & Microsoft Ads over the past few years;

  2. These recent changes have resulted in new Best Practices; 

  3. These new Best Practices represent the single biggest strategic opportunity to grow & capture competitive market share today in Search.